What Are The Health Benefits Of Activated Charcoal?

We're hearing a lot about activated charcoal these days and how it can work wonders as a natural remedy. What are the health benefits of activated charcoal, and what exactly is it in the first place? This article addresses these questions in great detail.

Other terms for activated charcoal are activated carbon, medicinal carbon, green charcoal, and vegetable charcoal. Before we can understand how activated charcoal works as a natural remedy, it's really important to understand what activated charcoal is and how it differs from common charcoal. While common charcoal comes from slowly burned-off coal, petroleum, peat, wood, or coconut shell, activated charcoal only comes from coal, bamboo, coconut shell, and other wood substances. Activated charcoal is made with the primary intention of using it as a natural medicine. Activated charcoal is wood-derived charcoal that has been reheated to a very high temperature and treated with oxygen. This process “activates” the charcoal by creating millions of micro holes throughout its surface. Because activated charcoal is far more porous than common charcoal, it is able to draw out, trap, and absorb large amounts of chemicals, gases, and toxins in the body. This is what makes activated charcoal one of the most effective natural remedies for so many different physical complaints.

As a natural home remedy, activated carbon has many different applications. It is often used to regulate bile flow, reduce cholesterol levels, ease flatulence, and can be helpful with digestive issues. In scientific studies, it is showing positive results as a treatment for poisoning – especially those caused by mercury, lead, and pesticides such as DDT. Because of its ability to draw out and absorb toxins, it can potentially be an effective natural remedy for hangovers as well as assist in hangover prevention. These are just a few ways people are using activated charcoal as a natural remedy; there are so many more to research and choose from. Activated carbon can also be used as a natural beauty remedy or natural beauty enhancer as well, and it's a popular DIY ingredient for all-natural eyeliners, mascaras, and even hair dye. Activated charcoal powder is relatively inexpensive and a very little goes a long way, but do make sure it's coming from a natural wood source, for example coconut shells, to ensure you are working with a truly natural remedy.

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