Waking up through Plant Consciousness

There is so much we can learn from nature and nature heals us in so many ways. Waking up through Plant Consciousness is partly about understanding the function of plants as they correspond with our human system, and working with these herbal medicines as a way to live a fulfilled and balanced life. We are born to this world and even though we may be unaware of it, everything in nature has a very intricate and divine system that works in symbiosis. On a deep level we have a knowing that we are connected to everything in nature and everything on this planet is here to support our wellbeing. As well as understanding that every being on Earth is made up of energy and had consiousness. Natural News explains that plant consciousness is embracing the consciousness of plants which teaches us the wisdom of living in simplicity and natural abundance. Never taking more than we need, never having to struggle, but having the will to get the nourishment we need and thrive for our own well being. We can learn a lot if we attune our consciousness to the consciousness and to the rhythm of nature, in this way and we can learn to live more in tune with our own inner nature.

While there are many people who are in tune with nature and with themselves, a large part of our society seems to forget about this connection. Through programming people are taught to only focus on being successful in society and they forget their connection to nature, and most importantly their connection to themselves. People are programmed to put their needs last and to focus on completing tasks and getting work done as their primary function. But we are not just machines built to do jobs, we are human beings not human doings. We are created to enjoy life and to thrive just like any other being on Earth. Think of how many times you have put off eating just to get one last thing on your list done. This choice alone is not in keeping with your natural rhythms, and on deeper levels sends your psyche different messages that you don't deserve to eat until you have accomplished something. When we wake up and live with plant and animal like consciousness, we are focused on fulfilling our basic needs first and then we can focus on other desires as human beings.

Incorporating common herbs for natural health will allow you to absorb the plant consciousness as well. So working with the herbal medicines is a great way to attune to the frequencies of plants. For example if you would like to attune to the consciousness of peace and calmness, then work with natural medicine like chamomile, passion flower or kava kava. Or if you want to have more energy and get your circulation flowing work with natural medicine like chicory root and maca. There are so many common herbs for natural health that can provide us with so much nourishment and help to reset our bodies back into a natural rhythm. The plants support our intuition which is part of every one of us. Our intuition is part of our consciousness that allows us to tap into our emotions and our needs. You may also know intuition as your gut feeling, when you just feel like something is off by the strange feeling it gives you, or when something feels right because of the peaceful feeling it gives you. The Earth is a living library that we can learn so much from and enjoy so many healing benefits from as well.*

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