The US Government Recognizes Cannabis as a Cancer Killer

You might be interested to know that now The US Government Recognizes Cannabis as a Cancer Killer. For people in the United States, this may come as a shock since generally the government has usually been anti-cannabis. Up until the early 1900s, there have been cases of cannabis being grown and used in the United States and elsewhere. People would make natural medicine in the form of tinctures and salves out of different parts of the cannabis plant. The plant was and still is used for different materials including papers, clothing materials, and even building materials that are made from a composite of the fibres.

The plant has also been used throughout history for its psychoactive abilities and its ability to provide a state of relaxation when ingested either through smoking or eating. It wasn't until around the 1930s that the government began to create the stigma that this plant was unfavourable and that it should be deemed illegal. Up until more recent years, the negative stigma on cannabis has remained, but there are steadily more claims and proof that this plant is actually one of the most beneficial herbal medicines known to man currently.

Cannabis is a plant that grows tall stalks with leaves and flowers. Each part of the cannabis plant is able to be used and has its benefits. Cannabis is actually one of the oldest domesticated crops known to humans. There are two types of cannabis plant, one is hemp and one is marijuana. The cannabis plants that were bred together to create oils, food, rope, fabrics and other textiles are known as hemp plants. The hemp plant also has many healing qualities that can be used in natural healing therapies by eating the oils, hemp hearts and greens of the plant and incorporating them all into a healthy diet. Marijuana plants are cannabis plants that were bred for their medical and spiritual properties including the euphoric state they can induce when they are ingested. The marijuana plant then has two different subcategories of marijuana plant known as cannabis indica and cannibis sativa. Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC is what marijuana plants produce high amounts of which is what induces the euphoria.

Hemp plants on the other hand produce more Cannabidiols than marijuana plants that are being used to create natural medicine for a plethora of different diseases. These cannabinoids called cannabidiols are also known as CBDs. CBDs can be taken through tinctures that are usually made with alcohol in a distillation process, or in canola oil. They come from a type of cannabis plant that is grown legally and strictly for medicinal use. The research that is being done on this type of cannabinoid is showing that when it is ingested in the form of a tincture it produces no psychoactive effect, meaning that it will not induce and altered state. It also has no side effects on the healthy cells in the body, which is particularly interesting when comparing it to the conventional radiation or chemotherapy that cancer patients go through since the conventional therapies usually effect both the cancerous cells as well as the healthy cells. The CBDs are shown to be able to reduce tumours in rats because of their ability to stop the growth of the cancerous cells.

Although cannabis hasn't been added to the list of recommended natural healing therapies for cancer quite yet, people can still gain access to cannabis through gaining special membership to a medicinal marijuana clinic in their area. The use of medicinal CBDs for other illnesses and ailments is becoming known as well. People are beginning to see the benefits of cannabinoids for anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, migraines, and so much more. Cannabis is a wonderful natural medicine that its beginning to get positive attention and acclaim for its natural healing benefits.*

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