Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Pain Relief (With DIY Recipes to Get Their Benefits)

Headaches? Muscle aches? Joint pain? If you'd like to learn more about natural alternatives to off-the-shelf pain meds, then these powerful medicinal herbs for pain relief could be of great interest. Do-it-yourself recipes are even included in this article so you can get the full benefit of these potent natural remedies. Natural pain management is becoming more popular these days as more and more people realize the side-effects and drawbacks of pharmaceutical pain medication. While there's nothing wrong with taking drug store medication for pain relief every once in a while, it is probably not a good idea to take it long term; in fact, on most bottles it will say something like, “not for prolonged use”, and there are reasons for that. Taking pain medication on a regular basis can potentially harm the kidneys, liver, heart, and digestive system. Painkillers, especially ones that contain opiates, can also be highly addictive. So, what are the healthier alternatives to these fast-acting, yet potentially detrimental, pain pills?

Before we ever started creating drugs in laboratories, nature had already provided us with an ample supply of natural pain medicine. As Hippocrates stated over 2000 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Many of the plants and herbs we take for granted can actually provide us with all of the natural remedies and natural painkillers we could ever need. When we take herbal remedies responsibly and in a well-informed manner, we don't have to worry about becoming addicted to them or experiencing severe, long-term side effects. Natural pain remedies will probably not be the quick-fix you are used to with drug store painkillers, but they do tend to last much longer and can, potentially, help heal the source of the inflammation so that it does not return. The important thing to remember is, as with any home remedy, we always need to supplement it with other healthy, holistic lifestyle choices – for example, eating a healthy diet that is low in refined flours, sugars, processed foods, and bad fats. In turn, we need to balance our diet with several servings of fresh organic vegetables every day, and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Each and every one of us has different dietary needs, and you must discover which types of food work best for you. It's also really important to get enough sleep each night, as well as exercise and fresh air each day, if at all possible. The result of all of these healthy habits combined is bound to give you a much higher quality of life.

One of the natural painkilling herbs discussed in this article is Boswellia. The Boswellia tree grows in Africa and Asia, and it is where the original frankincense resin comes from. Because of its sweet aroma and potent medicinal properties, it is no wonder why it was one of the three main gifts of the wise men to the baby Jesus. Boswellia is well known, in particular, for its anti-inflammatory abilities, and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since time immemorial. Boswellia is particularly helpful in the relief of lower back pain, joint pain, and knee pain caused by sports injuries. This useful article on medicinal herbs for pain remedies comes from the “Natural News Network”, an informative website and highly-recommended starting place for anyone interested in natural therapies, natural medicine, natural nutrition, and natural health.*

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