Move Over, Drugs! Cannabis Oil Is The New Sensation In Town! Find Out How This Wonder Ingredient Cured A 3-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer…

Controversy exists as a fundamental pillar of democratic society. Because we all have 'a say', there is bound to be disagreement over issues concerning what is 'right' and 'wrong' since everyone comes into various issues and discussions from different places of experience and knowledge. One recent controversy is the case of 3-year-old Landon Riddle whose parents turned to cannabis oil to treat his leukemia after Big Pharma's drugs were found to be failing him. And guess what? It worked. It was found that Cannabis Oil Cures Terminal Cancer in 3-year-old After Pharmaceutical Drugs Fail Miserably. Sometimes the simplest, natural remedy is the best cure of all. (Note, we are not making a statement of a cure here, only stating what was reported in the article)

Alternative medicine is the practice of healing that doesn't originate from evidence gathered via the scientific method. Sometimes alternative medicine heals without explanation, and despite being contradicted by scientific evidence or established science. It consists of a range of practices, products, and therapies including traditional medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, and herbalism, all of which advocate natural remedies over western medicine's pharmaceutical drugs. Despite success stories, alternative medicine is often criticized as being nonsense, fraudulent, 'quackery' and downright unethical. For choosing a natural remedy, the latter is the term that has been applied to Landon Riddle's parents.

Landon Riddle was just 3 when he was diagnosed with leukemia – his whole chest was full of tumors, making it hard for him to breathe. The only treatment offered to the Riddles by Landon's doctors was chemotherapy. Unfortunately little Landon vomited dozens of times, daily, and refused food. After two months of chemotherapy – which appeared to be killing their son rather than curing him – the Riddles looked into cannabis oil as a natural remedy treatment and after researching the details traveled to Colorado where this form of treatment is legal to help their young son.

Within days of cannabis oil treatment, Landon's parents claim he showed signs of improvement. His vomiting subsided, and his appetite surged. He appeared to rebound. So what was it about this controversial natural remedy that may have helped little Landon? As bio-chemist Dennis Hill explains, in every cell there exist interconvertible sphingolipids that manage the life and death of a cell. If within the profile of factors the ceramide (a signaling metabolite) is high, cell death (apoptosis) is imminent. Simply put, when THC (the main compound in cannabis) connects to a cannabinoid receptor site on the cancer cell it can cause an increase in ceramide synthesis that helps drive cell death. The cancer cell dies not because of toxic chemicals (such as those injected during chemotherapy treatment) but because of a tiny shift within the mitochondria which kills the cell's source of energy. Without energy, all things will die.

Unfortunately, serious issues still loom over the Riddle family with the concern that their son could be taken from their custody. The ultimatum delivered to them was simple: continue years of chemotherapy and steroid treatments or refuse it and Landon could potentially be removed from their care. And so, while the natural remedy cannabis oil treatments continue, so too does Big Pharma's costly chemotherapy treatment (albeit only once monthly, as opposed to multiple ad more frequent doses). Because natural remedies are assumed to be nonsense, the Riddle family cannot find an oncologist willing to prescribe only cannabis oil as a treatment. But because months have passed and Landon is now cancer-free, his parents continue to hold onto hope – not only for their son but also for the possibility that natural remedies might one day be a possible option for cancer treatment.

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