Manuka honey – 24 Carat or fools gold?

We've been hearing a great deal about a special kind of honey these days that is supposed to be worth its weight in gold, but what is the truth and what is the hype? Manuka honey – is it 24 Carat or fools gold? Here's the in-depth story on what Manuka honey is, the potential of Manuka honey as a natural remedy, and what you need to look for when you are purchasing it.

Many of us already aware that honey, in moderate doses, can be good for us, but it's important to understand that not all forms of honey are created equal. So much depends on the general health of the honeybees that are creating the honey as well as where they are getting their pollen from – for example, wild flowers or genetically-modified ones, and whether the honey is processed or not. Raw organic honey derived from wildflowers has far more nutritional value and health benefits than regular processed honey, and it can be a very effective natural remedy. Pure raw organic honey tends to be high in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial compounds that can be very effective as a natural home remedy for colds, coughs, and can also help boost the immune system. Raw organic honey – again, taken in small doses, can also naturally balance blood sugar and therefore possibly be used as a preventative measure against illnesses like Diabetes. (Please note, however, for anyone with Diabetes, always consult with your doctor before ingesting any kind of sweeteners.) When it comes to sugar substitutes, organic raw honey is one of your best bets because it's a natural sweetener as well as a natural remedy that is also very good for you.

Manuka honey, on the other hand – that is, true Manuka honey, is all of this and much more, and this is why it can potentially be such a powerful natural home remedy. Manuka honey is a special kind of honey that originates in New Zealand, made by honeybees from the Manuka bush. Introduced to New Zealand from Australia, the Manuka bush is a type of evergreen scrub tree grows prolifically across the New Zealand landscape and it has potent regenerative qualities – for example, it is one of the first types of plants to start growing again after the land has been burnt or cleared. Its flowers are most often small and white and honeybees are particularly fond of them. The honey the bees make from Manuka bushes is very unique compared to any other kind of honey in the world. For one thing, Manuka honey has a very high hydrogen peroxide content, making it very effective for treating bacterial infections that haven't otherwise responded to any other drug. For this reason, Manuka honey is much sought after by pharmaceutical companies as a key ingredient in antibacterial medications. However, when you are shopping for the right kind of Manuka honey to buy as a natural home remedy, natural supplement, or natural beauty product, please be aware of what you are buying because some forms of Manuka honey are far more potent than others. You must really be well-informed before you start spending your money because Manuka honey does not come cheap.

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