Forget Medicines! Say NO To MIGRAINE With This All-Natural REMEDY!

Are you always on the lookout for natural home remedies? Forget Medicines! Say NO To MIGRAINE With This All-Natural REMEDY! In this day and age with so many pharmaceutical medicines out there, it can be difficult to know when to take them and when not to. Some people are quick to take a tylenol or advil or some other type of acetaminophen that acts as an aid for some common ailments. But what we have to remember is that when we take any chemical medicine like this, it can be hard on our liver over time. The liver is repressible for sorting out the chemicals that enter the body and converting them to be usable by the body. So where we can, we want to be mindful of being too quick to grab the medicine and instead rely on all natural home remedies and holistic treatments to address our symptoms and mild illness. Of course if you are suffering from severe pain, you will definitely want to go and see your doctor or go to a hospital. But if you have a headache that hasn't lasted for too long then you can certainly try out natural home remedies first and then if they don't work go to your usual over the counter headache medicine.

If you can, you could also try and understand the cause of your headache so that you can prevent them from occurring again. For example, the most common type of headache is a tension headache which many people who work desk jobs tend to get, especially if they are working on a computer all day long. The tension headache can also be caused by general stress or emotional distress. Making sure that you are breathing full deep breaths constantly will help your circulation and help to relax your muscles. So often we can find ourselves not breathing properly though out the day, sometimes holding our breath when we are working on something or just breathing too shallowly with short breaths that don't give your lungs enough air. Usually a full breath cycle is about three seconds on the inhale which is breathing in through your nose and 4-5 seconds on the exhale, which is letting your breath out through your nose or mouth. Other causes of headaches and migraines can include dental problems, or even too much caffeine or alcohol, not enough sleep or eye strain.

When it comes to natural home remedies to try out first when you have a headache, there are many including this one that involves simple salt and lemons. Essential oils like lavender have also been helpful to some people when they have a migraine or headache. Also drinking some room temperature water can help to ease a migraine as well as putting some ice on the back of your neck for up to 15 minutes. Getting a massage or a chiropractic adjustment or even some acupuncture can help to prevent headaches and migraines so that you have less of a chance of getting them in the future. Yoga and meditation also can help if you practice regularly. In this natural home remedy the juice of the lemon is used with some salt and some water. The health benefits of lemons are great, and are very high in vitamin C as well as high in vitamin B6. Health benefits of lemons also include antioxidants and iron. Fitness Doctor will tell you exactly how to use this concoction when you are experiencing a migraine so that your symptoms may be lessened or hopefully gone completely. Try it out for yourself the next time you have a headache and see how it works for you.*

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