Feeling Tired All The Time? This Glorious Milk Of The Goddess Will Boost Your Energy!

You will want to read further and see why Golden Milk: The Simple Drink That Could Change Your Life is so good for you. So first of all, let's begin with the basic recipe and then get into the details about why this drink is so life saving, energizing and should be an important treat in your day to day diet.

The ingredients you will need for this golden healthy drink recipe include milk of your choice (the creator of the drink recipe uses unsweetened almond milk), crushed green cardamom pod, cinnamon stick lightly bashed, ground turmeric, freshly ground black pepper, local honey, and pure virgin coconut oil or coconut butter.

To start this delicious drink recipe heat the milk slowly with the cardamom pod and cinnamon stick. Then whisk in the turmeric, black pepper, local honey and coconut oil or butter. Heat the milk until it is steaming but not boiling. Then strain off the cinnamon and cardamom and enjoy the drink immediately. This golden milk recipe may also be served cold, but isn't recommended by those who practise Ayurvedic medicine because it's all about the warm spices and warm milk. You can also prepare this healthy recipe in the microwave. You should remember that as the ingredients are not soluble, they will settle in the bottom of your cup, so you will want to give them a stir once while drinking or you'll get a strong surge of turmeric at the last sip. This drink recipe is a lovely substitute for your morning coffee.

The Food to Glow site is created by Kellie, she is an ex-pat American cancer health educator who loves global food, with big flavours. She enjoys making things with fresh, seasonal British ingredients. The Food To Glow site is mostly plant-based, but you will find the occasional decadent treat usually with a healthy touch. She is an omnivore, but also likes vegan recipes too. On the site you will find healthy, plant-based recipes. You will also find a few fishy recipes too. Sometimes she will throw in some nutrition information if it is appropriate. You might also find the occasional book review and humorous anecdotes too. But mostly you will find stuff to do with recipes and amateur food photos of what she has been cooking with family, work and friends.

Recipes you will find on the site include a Sicilian vegetable stew recipe, cauliflower and green olive tapenade gratin recipe, Chermoula white bean dip recipe, and chocolate almond butter bite recipe to name a few. You will find some great recipe just by browsing through the recipe index.

The reason why we love Golden Milk so much is related to the spices and their incredibly extraordinary properties. The magic ingredient in this recipe is the turmeric which is rich in a compound called curcumin. This active part has been thought to have close to 200 therapeutic activities in the human body including acting like an antioxidant, anti viral, an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. It also can help to lower cholesterol, fight high blood pressure and enhance brain function.

The reason that pepper is added to this concoction is the same reason that you will see pepper added to very high quality supplements. It has the unique ability to increase the bioavailability of other substances into your body. Bioavailability relates to how much something can be absorbed into your body. The best tip for adding this healing drink to your daily routine is to gather up all the ingredients and have them ready to go. If things are easy and available in your cupboards you will be much more likely to make them part of your diet.

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