Benefits of Sacred Sage: Smoking, Smudging, and Drinking

You will want to take a look at all the Benefits of Sacred Sage: Smoking, Smudging, and Drinking. With natural remedies more popular than ever before, people are looking at natural ways to feel better and herbs are often a way to do that. Sage is just one of the many natural plants in the world that offer a variety of benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. This herb has many physical and spiritual benefits, and can even be used as a legal, smokeable herb. While there are many people who will question the idea of smoking other types of herbs or any herbs for that matter, there are still certain side effects, risk factors and warnings that come with using any herb or medicine. You will want to be aware of these factors before trying, as everyone is different. Sage is a herb that is commonly used by Native Americans and other indigenous cultures to help purify environments, to increase intuition, and to stimulate healing. Sage is also believed to be a conduit of divine messages in the universe. Native Americans are also known to smoke, drink, and eat sage in recipes in addition to using it in poultices, steams, and salve recipes. There are more than nine varieties of sage that grow in America, all of which are legal and highly recommended for smoking purposes, smudging and drinking.

Some of the possible benefits of smoking sage can include the easing of headaches, enhancement of memory and cognitive function, lifts mood, helps to combat depression, can help relieve congestion and stuffed noses, and an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Sage can also be a natural remedy to help reduce heavy menstruation, relieve cold and flu symptoms, treat candida overgrowth, help to treat staph and fungal infections, help to reduce fever, help to expel intestinal worms and parasites, cleanses toxins, promote liver and bladder health and more. Other natural remedies that sage an be used for include using it as a hair rinse to stimulates growth and remove dandruff reduces fever when applied to the body, treats eczema, for hot poultices to relieve migraines.

Natural remedies for using sage extract can include improving cognition and helping to reduce agitation in Alzheimer's patients, rich in antioxidants, helps to reduce cellular damage. Beyond the natural remedies and benefits that sage may help with it is also said to help remove negative energy and restoring balance in living spaces and auric fields. Sage is often made into smudges and combined with cedar and sweet grass in Native American smudging ceremonies.

The sage leaf has a savory, slightly peppery flavor. It appears in many European cuisines, most notably in Italian, Balkan, and Middle Eastern cookery. In Italian cuisine, it is an essential condiment for Saltimbocca and other dishes, favoured with fish. In British and American cooking, it is traditionally served as sage and onion stuffing, an accompaniment to roast turkey or chicken at Christmas or Thanksgiving Day.

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