11 Natural Powerful Antibiotics Hiding In Your Kitchen

When it comes to living healthy there are so many things that nature provides us to keep our bodies in balance. Here are 11 Natural Powerful Antibiotics Hiding In Your Kitchen from Natural News, a website that provides great information on natural medicine. Sometimes we forget that there are powerful remedies all around us in nature when there are so many different things to have from the drug store that we have become more familiar with. Not too long ago, people were using natural medicine and natural home remedies as their go-to cure or relief from minor illnesses like a cold, headache or flu. It wasn't until the mid 1900s that the use of modern medicine became more popular as an over the counter type of solution to illness since the rise of pharmacies and drug stores. Now it seems like there is a pharmacy on every corner in an urban environment, which makes it even easier for people to go in and find any kind of medicine for whatever ailment they are experiencing. Not to say that modern medicine should be avoided, because there are some things that you just need modern medicine for. But trying out natural home remedies like these ones on the list from Natural News first are a safe and all natural way to try and relieve your symptoms.

If you are already living healthy and eating a well balanced diet, taking care to get lots of sleep and exercising daily, you will notice that you may not get sick as often because your body's immune system is strong and able to fight off infection. When on the other hand if a person was eating a diet that was high in sugar and fat, not getting enough sleep and living a sedentary life, they might run the risk of having a weaker immune system. The immune system thrives when your body is being given natural medicine and plant based foods. So adding some of the foods that support the immune system to your daily routine will give you some great benefits. Antibiotics in modern medicine are prescribed by a doctor to be taken internally, the medicine in the antibiotics will help to fight off whatever bacterial infection you might have. The concern with antibiotics from a natural health perspective is that the antibiotics not only kill off the bad bacteria, they also kill off the good bacteria as well. We all have healthy bacteria that exists in our gut that aids with the digestion of food and produces certain enzymes that create a healthy digestive system. When there is no good bacteria to help, things can become out of balance in the digestive system and lead to problems. This is why probiotics are so great, they help to revive the healthy bacteria in the stomach and create a healthy environment.

So the next time you feel yourself starting to get sick, instead of reaching for the cold and flu medicine right away, try out some of these natural home remedies. Some of which you may be able to find in your very own cupboard or fridge. Something everyone could start using at home is coconut oil, and it is also a great anti fungal natural medicine. You can cook with coconut oil, use it in baking and use it as a salad dressing. Another thing that people probably already love to use is garlic. Garlic contains something called Allicin and high levels of antioxidants which help to fight off bacteria. So check out this list on Natural News and start to enjoy some of the healing benefits of natural medicine.*

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