Health Benefis Of Avocado Seeds (Plus Recipe)

We all know that avocado is a nutrient-rich superfood, but have you heard about the health benefits of avocado seeds? They are actually quite astounding. Avocado seeds, which take up a gigantic amount of space within avocados, actually have just as many – if not more – health benefits than the actual avocado fruit itself. And when it comes to natural remedies, avocado seeds can be worth their weight in gold.

The avocado tree comes from the flowering Lauraceae family, where cinnamon, bay laurel, and camphor also come from. It grows naturally in Central America and Mexico, and it can easily be grown in a pot in your sunroom at home. Self-pollinating, avocado trees bear pear-shaped fruit of the same name that is sometimes called “alligator pear”. These fruits are like oversized berries and they contain a single large seed. Avocado fruits are becoming more and more popular as a superfood because they are packed full of healthy fats and nutrients that can work as natural remedies against a host of physical complaints. Up until recently, many have been wondering what to do with the avocado seed. It is very large and seems like such a waste to throw it away, as it makes up more than half of the avocado itself. One way you can use the seed is by simply planting it and growing your very own avocado tree that will one day bear fruit of its own. This is a great idea in and of itself, for you can grow your own natural remedies in this way. Once you get a handful of these avocado seeds, however, you really might want to consider eating them because their health benefits and uses as a natural remedy are quite impressive.

First of all, avocado seeds are an excellent source of antioxidants – in fact, the seeds provide at least seventy percent of the fruit's overall antioxidant content, so if you're tossing the seed, you're really missing out on the highest nutrient potential. Avocado seeds also contain phenolic compounds that can possibly boost your immune system, ease inflammation, and reduce high blood pressure, to name a few. As a natural remedy, avocado seed extract can be used as an astringent; it can help alleviate fatigue, can be used as a muscle relaxant, and it can regulate thyroid disorders. Avocado seed can also be an excellent natural remedy for asthma, cardiovascular issues, and even diarrhea, and nausea. Avocado seed can also promote collagen formation and, therefore, be used as a natural remedy for aging, sagging, or wrinkled skin. There's a specific way you can break open the avocado seed and reduce it so that you can render it edible. More and more recipes are being made available all the time for how to cook with avocado seeds.

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